Portable Flare Stacks

For safe, efficient and cost-effective burn off of excess hydrocarbon gases
When it’s necessary to release excess hydrocarbon gases in remote drilling locations or temporary sites, National Flare & Equipment portable flare stacks are the safe and efficient solution. Our portable flare stacks are designed for excellent combustion efficiency by providing the right mix of air and fuel gas. Seals are included to prevent flashbacks. Easy to transport and set up, National Flare & Equipment portable flare stacks provide controlled burning of:

  • Propane
  • Raw Make
  • Butane
  • Natural Gas
  • ISO
  • Propylene

Portable Flare Stack

Portable Flare Stack

40-ft. Air-Assist Portable Flare Stack

40-ft. Air-Assist Portable Flare Stack

Equipment Specifications

Equipment Specifications

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National Flare & Eqiupment is a leading supplier for providing proven Air Assist technology to achieve smokeless capacities. Low pressure air is an excellent method for smoke free combustion of heavier gas streams. The flare gas and blower air flow coaxially to the flare tip where they mix. The blower air provides a significant portion of the stoichiometric air required for combustion and generates sufficient mixing turbulence to eliminate smoke formation.

Air Assist Flare Stack

We provide the industry’s largest fleet of smokeless, air-assist dual-phase Flare Stacks

Portable Dry Gas Flares

National Flare & Equipment offers trailer mounted flares and skid mounted flare systems for those users needing flare systems that are portable and easy to transport from site-to-site.

Trailer Flare Systems

A convenient method of burning waste gases from flow back operations, pipelines and storage facilities. Each trailer is completely self- contained.


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Keeping things moving smoothly in pipelines, refineries and natural gas processing facilities is a must. Even the slightest supply interruptions can send ripples across your bottom line.



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