Portable Flare Stacks



  • Propane
  • Raw Make
  • Butane
  • Natural Gas
  • ISO
  • Propylene

Air Assist Flare Stack Technical Specifications

National Flare & Equipment  is a leading supplier for providing proven Air Assist technology to achieve smokeless capacities. Low pressure air is an excellent method for smoke free combustion of heavier gas streams. The flare gas and blower air flow coaxially to the flare tip where they mix. The blower air provides a significant portion of the stoichiometric air required for combustion and generates sufficient mixing turbulence to eliminate smoke formation.

The low pressure air comes from a centrifugal or axial 3 hp blower mounted at the bottom or side of the flare stack. The low pressure air flare was initially designed for tank vents and loading terminals. It is a common design for larger production facilities or gas plants.

Under the direction of the industry’s most qualified and experienced specialists, our patented and application-specific Flarestack units can be rigged up within a matter of minutes. Once in operation, these self-contained units reliably burn off volatile liquid products in production pipelines, petrochemical plant import/export lines, rail cars, tanker trucks or any similar application requiring the safe removal of flammable liquids.

We provide the industry’s largest fleet of smokeless, air-assist dual-phase Flare Stacks, making  NFE  one of the few companies capable of converting to gas and subsequently burning off a wide range of liquids and vapors with 98% efficiency, including:

  • HVL (Highly Volatile Liquids)
    NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) | Ethane | Propane | Butanes | Raffinate | Natural Gasoline
  • Vapor Products
    Natural Gas (Methane) | Hydrogen | Nitrogen
    (Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds)
    Ethylene | Propylene | Butadiene

  • HVL (Highly Volatile Liquids)
  • Vapor Products

NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) | Ethane | Propane | Butanes | Raffinate | Natural Gasoline

Natural Gas (Methane) | Hydrogen | Nitrogen